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“There is no use having a universe, is there? There is no use having a billion stars. There is no use having a planet earth, if there isn’t someone here to see it.

You are the audience! You are here to witness and celebrate. To witness and celebrate. […] That’s your business. You put it in your work. You put it in your stories. Otherwise get the hell out. Get out of our way and let us live.

If you’re gonna be a cynic, if you’re gonna be a pessimist, there’s no hope for you. I can’t help you. You gotta help yourself. […]

But we are here, to be the audience to the miraculous. You’re gonna be alive once. You’re never coming back. Think of that. You got one chance to payback. You owe. You owe to the universe. […]

Now you get the hell outta here and do that and you’re gonna have a good life.

What in hell was the question?”

Ray Bradbury